Reasons why throw pillows should be left off the couch.

November 20, 2011

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, I know all the teachers in the universe are rejoicing over this week break! With other jobs I've had a few days for Thanksgiving was fine, but with education it seems like everyone I know is burned slap out by now...even the kiddos!  So next to seeing family, there is nothing I am more thankful for than a few days to sleep in and recoup. 

My Mom has been down this weekend while we Christmas shopped, well, while she did. I only bought for one dude for Christmas. I just don't see the point in buying everyone junk they can buy themselves when we are going to Italy in 3 weeks. If you get a gift from me rest assured it is from either Rome or Naples. Not Target-nothing again it thought:)

However, with Mom being in town a new issue presented itself yesterday morning. And no, there aren't any pictures of this fiasco. While getting ready to go shopping I waltzed into the bathroom, disrobed, and while stuck in the corner of our tiny L shaped bathroom I noticed a huge green lizard sitting on Mom's luggage on my counter. I couldn't get out. While standing there totally naked on the verge of a panic attack I had two options 1) run out naked and risk being touched by a lizard, or 2) hide in the shower and yell hoping the lizard wouldn't run away. This presented yet another problem...could they hear me? Needless to say Mom heard me and got Jeremy to come catch the small gator sized reptile, but I did not enjoy my shower nearly as much as usual. Jeremy, always the one to inform me later for his own sanity, decided to tell me that he caught one like it in the living room the other day. Oh joy! 

Needless to say I am already planning my exodus from South Louisiana soon. Too bad I have to wait two more years for it to come. 

In other interesting news I made a eye doctor appointment a few weeks ago for December 1st,  and in good time. I knew my vision was getting worse, even with glasses. But today proved that I am blind as a bat. This morning while Mom was cooking breakfast I saw Ellie on the couch and yelled at her to get off. When she refused to move I beat on the counter to attempt to get her attention, it works sometimes.

Then I realized something...I was yelling at a throw pillow. 

If that right there doesn't prove I can't see jack I don't know what would. I really don't understand how my vision is deteriorating so quick, when I was 20 I had perfect vision. Now I can't see the clock without my glasses, and I am fussing at throw pillows for being on the couch. 

Could this be foreshadowing for how I will be in my 80's? I think so. 

At 80 I predict I will be the old lady in the nursing home running around naked because I thought a pens was a  lizard and bossing my new boyfriend (because we all know men die early and Jeremy is older already haha) around about his eating habits. 

Lord help me I think I aged 30 years this morning yelling at that pillow.