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September 2, 2009

Sunday lunch was quite a bust this week. I was half dead from kid flu{aka the common cold, commonly spread by kids} and only made pasta. This "pasta" would be called spaghetti but I don't like to eat spaghetti noodles on account of my grandfather video taping me when I was a kid and everyone picking on me for an unheard length of time...yes I am serious I rarely use actual spaghetti from that traumatic childhood event{haha}. I promise I will cook something this Sunday though.

In school news...I was outside my room yesterday after lunch and suddenly heard a bunch of kids screaming "OMG save us! Someone spray Lysol!" This was quickly followed by a girl saying "Get over it! I had baked bean for breakfast and I have held it in all day!" Yes, a girl. I was shocked and appalled a girl said this, I would think a boy would say it but not a girl.

Then today I asked the question I have been wondering about all week and the conversation went something like this:

Me- "Hey {insert boy name here}, why has {insert another boy name here} been acting so strange all week?"

Boy#1- "He is dating {insert girl name}."

Me{while turning towards the whole class}- "Seriously, Y'all do realize this is not or speed dating!"

Boy#2- "I forgot my phone in your desk can I get it?"

Me- "Yes, quick."

Boy#1- "He just wants it so he can text {insert girl name} tonight."

I had totally forgot 5th grade is when everyone discovers the wonderful world of dating. Oh to be 10 and in love again. It is hard to not just laugh when they do nutty stuff.

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