2 multi vitamins, airborne, and a ton of other holistic meds will hopefully keep swine flu away

August 31, 2009

Sick teacher + sick kids + informal observation day = most lathargic class known to man

On another sick note...it is reported a kid in our parish has swine flu, oh yay I can't wait to get it. Also after hearing this news I immediately made all my kids bathe in germx and when they left the room I sprayed the place down in lysol{a totaly of 3 times today}.

And another sick note...the university is offering flu shots for $15 to all students with a ULM id. Guess which deathly afraid of shots student is going to get poked Wednesday. I figure a few minutes of pain is worth not getting what ever disease these kids are attempting to take me out with. And yes, when I say take me out I do mean the adult version of hiring a hit man. These munchkins just can't afford it so they do you in in hopes of getting a sub by smearing all sorts of bacteria on you and your belongings. It may sound like I am hating some kids at the moment, but this is my sarcastic way of dealing with that fact that 45 sick kids got me sick and ruined my weekend/made me turn in grad homework slightly high off medication.

Looks like this could get interesting. Oh and for all my worry about classroom management the principal said my heathens kids were good, surprise surprise...but when he walked out of the classroom one immediately chirped "We were good can we have a treat now." Slightly reminds me of training dogs, oh well if it keeps them quite.


  1. Swine flu is reported in Jena as well. ;(
    I could tell you the funniest observation stories EVER! Too long to type and they lose something in the written form. LOL
    If they start giving out blog awards for the longest blog titles ever--- I'm so nominating you first! =) Love it--- keep 'em coming.

  2. You are killin me with these teacher stories. Did you google your blog and see if it was hard to find? One day some crazy mama is gonna find out you called her kid a heathen. HA!

  3. "can we have a treat now" hahaha, too funny!!! ;-)