Flashback Friday

September 18, 2009

**Correction-Pop is right, he went to Little Richard with us. We went to Wayne Newton alone, she fussed at me for liking to travel in workout clothes while she was dressed up really cute.

I wish I had more, or better pictures for that matter for this Flashback Friday...but I don't. Which goes to show I should become one of those overly camera happy people so I have pictures.

Now to the point of this. Have you asked yourself who that man is? Well ask no longer ladies...see the panties on the floor...yes you guessed it ladies, that is Tom Jones. Unlike many people I know I have been to some of the best{and my favorite}concerts with my Nanny. Yes, I'm a sucker for old music, and if Elvis were alive I'd be stalking his fine self right this minute. Last spring I went with Mom, Nanny and Aunt Billie to see Tom Jones at the Paragon Casino...seriously lots of fun. Only one problem, this old coot has a issue with photography. We were convinced he was going to look like some old mummy just because he was so against people bringing cameras into the show. And sadly enough he wasn't the most friendly of the performers I've seen...my Aunt has a signed photo of him from when he preformed in Monroe years ago, and do you know that old man wouldn't sign it again. Don't get me wrong though it was a great show. So good that me and my snuck in camera stood at the stage {once they decided to let people, the security guard stopped a really old lady from tossing her panties on the stage} and took pictures of the man in full zoom because he refused to come to our end. I do regret one thing though, not bringing panties to throw. I mean seriously, who's concert did I think I was going to? You have to toss your undies at Tom Jones...it's tradition. And I am all about sticking to tradition.

Now lets back track a few years to another concert Nanny and I went to, Little Richard. And to Pop's correction he went too. But Little Richard was a blast, we met my Aunt and cousins at the casino and just had all sorts of our usual fun...which mainly included eating, but you have to do what you are good at...and we are good at eating. Little Richard was much more fun than Tom Jones{mainly because he was more friendly, and I am all about meeting any celebrity just to say I did;)}, he is about as flamboyant as it gets, but my cousin Brandi, Peggy, and I got to get on stage and dance...Brandi was taken on stage by us against her will though, but she had fun. Gosh I wish I had pictures. This lead me to Louisiana Bride Rule # 1:

If given the chance, take it. It may not happen ever again.

Because seriously, Little Richard is no spring chicken. How many more chances have I had to get on stage at his concert since then...a big whopping zero!

Now lets travel back a bit farther, say fall 2004. This was my first concert ever, and with my Nanny of course. We went to see Wayne Newton...at the casino. Awesome concert, but the fun we had after was much better. You see, we were staying in the room across the hall from ole Wayne...and we had a master plan to meet him. Allow me to backtrack a bit, the security guard had a big problemo with me trying to get close to the stage to get a good picture, and he apparently didn't forget who the crazy kid with the disposable camera was. Now back to where I was, after the concert Nanny and I hurried back to the room in hopes of beating Wayne there...and we did. Now for the next part of the plan, we were going to look through the peep hole in the door till he showed up then open it{like we were going somewhere, you don't want to seem overly eager when meeting a celebrity ya know}and just happen to "run into" him and get his autograph. Well after a few minutes and some thought we decided that was to creepy and I should just sit in the hall in between out room/the stairs/the elevator and wait to meet him when he came by, all the while Nanny is still peeping out the hole. Well what do you know Wayne come through the elevator and straight towards me{with his wife and body guard}, I decided to stand up and attempt to greet him to our wonderful floor, cause Lord knows I'm not one of those creepy fans who attacks you walking down the hall{haha ok yes I am}. Needless to say the bodyguard remembered me and quickly blocked me like a secret service man would block the president...and honestly what is a 120lb 18yr old gonna do to a way over 6ft tall man, that is right...not a whole lot even if I tried. I at least got to say hi to him, then I turned and walked back to my room, while they were still in the hall...so that way they knew I wasn't creepy, cause I was staying there too. So Mr. Newton knew where we were staying but never came over to hang out, guess we were just way to cool.

I don't care how many concerts I go to, or who I get to see. Nothing will ever top those three. I think about these fun times all the time, the first week of school I had a kid ask me if I had ever heard of Little Richard, which led to this story.


  1. It is so great to have such fantastic memories! Good for you.

  2. hey you forgot I was with you at the little richard concert--Pop