some days

September 16, 2009

Some days I feel like I am on an episode of The Monkees. The constant antics of 5th graders keep me laughing and prevent me from having a serious face when I am getting onto them half the time.

Today for instance...

I had a kid turn in all of his papers with the name Michael Jackson, that same homework sheet's sentences included "Occupied is a good word. Occupying is bad word." One for every spelling much for using the words in a sentence to understand the meaning. But I was laughing so hard I was nearly crying.

Another kid stood up, got his jacket caught on the desk, and flipped it completely over. At the same time the principal was walking down the hall...and yes he heard the whole commotion, which sounded like a room full of crazed monkeys. This also caused another teacher to come running across the hall to see what happened.

And to end the fun a kid that I told to act like a 5th grader said back to me in the most bizarre voice "But I'm in Pre-K!" This same kid also said "freedom of speech" every time to told him to be quiet. Oh and this child also came running to me at one point with a pink piece of paper that read "I forgot my pink pen" he was having a total cow about how there was a bad word on the note, I couldn't find it anywhere. I finally asked him what he thought it said, knowing that I didn't want to know the answer for fear of his reading skills...he thought it said "I forgot my penis pen." I laid my head on my desk and laughed so hard that if I hadn't bought waterproof mascara I would have looked like a raccoon.

So there you have it, being in 5th grade feels like your living in an episode of The Monkees.


  1. I think I would want to teacher 5th graders for a couple days just for a good laugh. Kids that age are crazy! Atleast your job isnt dull

  2. Glad to know that you had a good day!

  3. Too crazy! Try having another teacher tell you that she caught one of your little kindergarten girls in the boys' bathroom, WHILE a little guy was at the urinal. =0 In my defense, they were supposed to be in the library. Yikes! I'd love to see mom's face when she read that note!