agoraphobia...when its ok to have a problem

September 3, 2009

**Update: I have officially lost my mind. I just caught myself holding my breathe while in Walmart so that I couldn't catch any flu germs. I also used Germx a few time at the check out. From the looks of it I may be blogging from the "nut house" didn't help that the college ran out of flu shots the day I was able to go get one.

Dear Real Me,

If you read this stop using Germx, a month ago you didn't believe in all this crazy mess. You ate healthy and rarely got sick. Please don't let a few sick kids send you into a downward freak out. You never even purchased Germx before this year. Not to mention you never use to want to Lysol humans.

Please come back soon,

The you from a few weeks ago


Just because I kinda overheard someone talking about a kid at our school getting testing to see what kind of flu the kid they came over the intercom telling us to wipe things down with Lysol today. Great I am half sick from these kids, now they are going to freak me out into a germ induced agoraphobia.

Here are three articles:


  1. i think you may just be more agoraphobic than me in rsv win the award!

  2. You are the biggest nut! I love your crazy post and I promise I'll come visit ya in the nut house! I've already had 3 kids missing days in my K class. Pneumonia!!! Pitiful.
    Hope ya feel better soon. =) Gotta run--- and get to work.