September 10, 2009

Do you know what the good thing about having a blog is? This...

Anonymous said...

Didn"t I tell you swing dancing
was dangerous? GOB

I can go back and read all the comments my Nanny left me on all my pre-wedding post...most of which were warnings against swing dancing. She swore I was going to break my neck at the wedding, I thought I would too...luckily we were both wrong.


  1. I always chuckled when I read GOB's comments, too. How precious that you still have that! I have some postcards and letters my Nan sent me when I was young and she and Poppa would be away on a job. I don't think Mimi ever wrote me anything--- she was always just a phone call away. Well, when I was little they both lived next door to each other and we lived right behind Nan. How convenient!! =)

  2. *squeeze*
    That's so precious that you have them.