cheaper sleeping

September 11, 2009

After going home last weekend and sleeping in a queen size bed that Mom and Dad had literally just bought...Jeremy got a itch for a bigger bed. I on the other hand like my double size white iron antique bed, but then again I am barely 5'4'' and my husband is like 6'4''. Needless to say sleeping in the fetal position or having your feet hang way off the bed must not be that fun, but short ole me can fit anywhere so I can't personally say I understand his situation.

So here ya go Mom, a pic of the bed:Not exactly the Ethan Allen Quincy bed, but pretty darn close...and a heck of a lot cheaper.
Here is a pic of the Qunicy bed again for comparison:

Close enough right? I am just loving the posters, and once I get all 40 million pillow I sleep with on there you won't be able to see anything but posters anyway(haha).


  1. I think I like the one you bought better than the Quincy bed. Can't wait to see it with your country bedding!

  2. personally i like the one you bought a WHOLE lot better. and daniel and i are the same heights as you and jeremy, we've had a double in the past and love the queen we have now...but when we get a bigger house it's on to a king for my giant hubby =)