trolls and alarm clocks

July 12, 2009

As usual before church this morning my alarm went off at 8am. Had Jeremy left the night stand on my side I would have turned it off myself, but instead it went off and he mumbled something to me and I said "Don't hit snooze, just turn it off." After doing so he went back to sleep. At about 8:45am he woke up and asked if I had gotten up before my alarm because it never went off. The conversation went like this:

Jeremy- Did you get up before you alarm? It never went off.
Me- No, you turned it off.
Jeremy- No I didn't.
Me- Yes you did, I asked you to turn if off and not hit snooze and you did it.
Jeremy- Um no you must have cause I didn't.
Me- Are you crazy? You turned it off. Who else do you think did it? Why would I lie about turning it off?
Jeremy- I didn't do it.
Me- Okay yeah you didn't, trolls must do that too.

He still doesn't believe he did it, and tries to argue his case. But seriously why would someone lie to you about that? Men, they make no sense. But like my grandmother always says "What do you expect, you married a man."


  1. that's one reason our alarm clock lives across the room from the bed - someone must get up to cut it off.

  2. Ha!! I do that all the time. In fact, Jack says I have entire conversations with him and do not remember any of them. Of course, he could just be making it up.

    But considering the fact that I go to bed in the middle of the bed and he comes to bed a few hours later, and I wake up on my side of the bed, and he says he physically MOVES me over without waking me (longest run on sentence EVER), I think he must be telling the truth. :)

    Some of us are just very hard sleepers!