Hanging dishes on the wall?

July 28, 2009

After reading a post about hanging dishes on the wall at The Nesting Place I have suddenly felt the need to collect mismatch random dishes to hang on the wall. Granted you use to see this at "old lady" houses, but apparently this is not the case anymore. She also had something about hanging a door on the wall, it looked pretty cool so next time I go running I'm going to ask that neighbor with the door in their front yard if it is up for grabs{the Nesting Place author says she did this in high heels! haha I bet that was quite a sight}.

I absolutly love this second picture, and the chandlier plates are to die for! Maybe I'll find some junk plate on sale at Belk today when I go spend the bonus bucks we got for buying so much Paula Deen on Saturday. Needless to say two months into marriage Jeremy thinks I've already turned into a "grandma" but as God as my witness I will get that black Ethan Allen bed, find some plates to hang on my wall, and high jack someone door before I die of old age as an actual grandma. Maybe it's just me but this shabby chic country-ish look is so stinking awesome, funny though when you tell people you like country-ish decorating they automatically think roosters. I would personally die before a rooster entered my house...no offense to roosters or people who like them though. I'm just more of a pig person, not really, but I've always wanted one.
Now off to take another history test. I am beyond ready for a break, the constant stress and studying has cause my eye to continually twitch when I'm at school or studying. Does anyone know how to get rid of an eye twitch by chance?


  1. I've got some old plates you can
    look at.

  2. the pig facination has to do with many gifts of stuffed toy pigs when you were little

  3. You should get the plates from your grandma and hang them. I think it's cute and I'm really into family treasures. Then you'd enjoy it for more than one reason. =)