July 16, 2009

1) I have an hour break between test today and what do I do...yup that is right I have studied since I got the material and am studied out, I'm sitting in bed. I'll go back to campus evenutally.

2) I'm gonna break my super healthy eating plan by going to get ice cream at Eskamoes, I might even make ice cream, ya never know. I just think I deserve some sort of reward for going nearly crazy.

3) KitchenAid finally shipped out yesterday whoo hoo!

4) Does anyone else have a problem with their ears hurting when they sleep on their side all night?

5) Jeremy felt the need to tell me I'm nearly vegetarian yesterday, yes my week day diet only consist of yogurt, pepper jack cheese and whole wheat crackers, cucumber salad, salad with Pearl St. dressing, carrots and hummus, 100 calorie pack chex mix between classes, and PB&J on whole wheat. But I do throw in beef jerky cause I love it so much.

6) An assistant superintendent emailed me back asking for my resume, hopefully it goes somewhere.

7)I admit it, I'm a plant killer. I wonder if I will forget to feed children the same way I forget to water the dogs somedays haha.

8) If Lost doesn't come back on TV soon I think I may die.

9) Although some people on FB believe that I like Christmas(Adriel and Jeremy can't come to terms with the fact that they didn't get 100% on my how well do you know me test) I actually like Easter better because of the candy. Easter candy is just better.

10) My favorite movie is Help! that the Beatles did, I also like Rocky Horror Picture Show and A Hard Day's Night, but I can watch Help! over and over again. Jeremy did remind me though about how much I like Hocus Pocus. Halloween is only good because of the movie options on TV. Like Hocus Pocus.

Well that is all, I'm just in a listing mood today. I really need to make a grocery list.


  1. Make that list and the ice cream, it always soothes you to cook. Maybe you should have gone to culinary school after all.

  2. I definitely need to eat healthier. Maybe I'll take some of those #5 items to work. They only let me bring my fridge OR microwave, so to have water I'll drink-- I picked fridge. Which means no leftovers. That's probably a good thing! LOL
    Hope you did well on your tests and get a call back for a job. I KNOW how waiting feels. =(
    How come MOB can't comment on mine?! Huh? =)

  3. Well hell I wish I would have read this before I took that quiz. Cause I sure enough got those 2 questions wrong!

  4. Josh and I had our own rule about having kids: Buy a plant first. If the plant lives after a year, get a dog. If the dog is still alive after a few years, you can have a child :) By then you're fully responsible.

  5. Oh, I'd like to add that our "love ivy" is still alive after 8 years and our dog is still alive after 7 years. See? It worked! :)