Flashback Friday

July 17, 2009

It's a picture of a picture but it occured in the world before pre digital cameras. This was taken at the Christmas parade my Sophomore year of high school, and yup for those who didn't know I use to be a majorette. Back when there were still majorettes at Vidalia High, and if there happen to be majorettes now...I feel sorry for you gals cause no one can compare to our sponser Mrs. Debbie, she was just hands down awesome at anything involving a baton.

***notice I'm not wearing a Santa Claus hat, I absolutely refused to do it. For some reason I've always been totally against wearing holiday hats. {ex. complaining all night at Sage on New Year's Eve after being forced to wear the most horrid hat ever.}

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  1. Okay, let me reminiscence with you :) I twirled for 10 years, taught for 6 of those years, and went to baton camp every summer. I was a majorette in our band for 4 years and twirled just about everything-hoops, batons, fire batons, knives, and fire knives. I'm sure I could find some pictures to show off our lovely uniforms, too :)