just a thought

July 30, 2009

This is my whole wheat soap box...can't say I didn't warn you.

Honestly what is the problem with eating whole wheat products? I'm not talking about those brands out there that trick the "non label reading folk" by "saying" their products are "whole wheat" by plastering lies all over their label, I'm talking about honest whole wheat products. I personally see a difference in my blood sugar and how stable my weight is when I'm eating right{yes, even my health nut pushing self has fallen off the health horse and gained weight from eating fast food at midnight}. I love whole wheat anything, but I admit whole wheat pasta took time to get use to. So why is it some people flip out like you are feeding them rocks when you serve whole wheat pasta? Eating things closer to their natural state is better for you, go ahead and consider processed the nutritional devil. Processed grains have the nutrients sucked out of them and you might as well eat dirt. You may even say "I don't have to worry about weight or health, I'm young" but guess what buddy, what you put in your body now will haunt you later.

So I'll step down off the soap box now, just had to get that out of my system. But I will leave you with this, it is very informative...and should give you plenty reason to eat whole grains and step away from their demon possessed friend processed white flour.

***Something interesting I learned today: American's dead bodies last longer than other countries dead bodies. Could that be all the processed preservative junk we eat?


  1. I know what labels you're talking about. The ones that say "made with whole wheat." Tell people to buy shredded wheat. One of the only cereals that is 100% whole wheat, not part. They should have to give you the percentage of whole.

  2. It's because whole wheat pasta is tastes like baked johnson grass, but with less flavor.

  3. i would think that american bodies last longer because we have state-of-the-art embalming (misp?) practices, compared to other countries which are mostly poor and can't afford to "preserve" the dead like we do...i wouldn't think the amount of fat in our bodies would have much to do with that.