new wedding dance video

July 31, 2009

Has anyone else seen the JK Wedding Dance video? I personally am not crazy enough to do that, but I know one of our grooms men who would do it without a second thought, and considering the dance moves I've seen Jeremy display he prolly would too. I expect more of these will follow just like it did with the crazy first dances that involved break dancing, don't you? There is apparently a parody out that is something like dance to divorce court.


  1. Emily,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your's too! I LOVE the plate collage and would love to do something with that somewhere in my house. I also LOVE your chandliers. They are so classic and chic!

  2. i saw it on GMA last week and ended up forwarding it to the girls at my office - one of whom is about to tie the knot herself in october. we've all watched it a dozen times, love it =)