A Few Things In February

March 1, 2024

I'm still running through the camera roll for blog catchup. We've made it to the month of February though. 

There was nothing overly special about our trip to Five Guys, but Elliot was too funny to not record it for later memory. While ordering he wanted a hamburger, normal for him, and agreed to a cheeseburger. 

When our food came he was immediately put off with my order. He wanted a hamburger with pickles, but didn't tell me. His response, "Do they not have pickles in this place?"

No child, you didn't request pickles in this place. 

We also finally got around to the new living room furniture I've been dreaming of for five years. When the Lovesac couch showed up, still missing cushion covers, Elliot deemed it the most comfortable couch on earth. It became his bed for two nights before I could convince him to stop sneaking out of his room to sleep there... and then subsequently getting mad that we woke him up early when we would come into the kitchen to fix coffee. 

The boys also had field trips this month. Harrison got to see a friend in a play and then they went to the park. 

Elliot saw a cowboy YouTube performer and was beside himself. I really think he just enjoys being old enough to go to school and do school things. 

Harrison has been in piano lessons since the fall semester. I snuck this photo of him a few weeks ago. 

During the Mardi Gras break I had a good laugh at Elliot. He is by far my mini me. Harrison fully belongs to Jeremy. While we were figuring out lunch one day I set our some dips and veggies for us to eat. I assumed he would eat the carrots and cucumbers like he typically enjoys, but he ate all the pepper and celery and then asked for more for two days. 

On Valentine's day we like to grill steaks and make Pomme Frites. I usually make dessert, but Jeremy has been avoiding such things for the new year. Elliot was very interested in making French fries at home this year. I'm guessing I've taken a short cut the past two years and made baked potatoes so he hasn't gotten in on the French fry fun before. 

Both of the kids kept exclaiming that I was making McDonald's fries.