Green Eggs and More Quilting

March 12, 2024

Harrison surprised me this week. My ultra picky child, who had attempted to convince me that foods you don't like are actually allergies... tried an egg at school. 

Granted it was just a nibble, but curiosity and informing him on what is healthy has always gotten him to try something new. Luckily that Sam I Am show on Netflix has had his attention enough to try this egg. 

It's finally good gardening weather, regardless of what temperature dip might happen between now and Easter. I decided to would keep my Bridal Wreath Spirea that I hated so much last year, it actually was pretty hardy and flowered great with heavy neglect on my end. 

The gardenias in the front yard also got replaced. They were far too delicate for my gardening style, which is high yield with high neglect. I ripped out two of them and replaced with more Coppertone Distylium. That small shurb also did amazing last year. I need to get my hands on 3 more to round out the gardenia I am replacing. 

I also grabbed my veggie while I was roaming around the garden center (which I think I am a convert to local if it isn't some random item they don't carry). This year (still small container gardening) I am planting two grow bags with sweet basil, and then in my container I have a Chocolate Cherry Tomato, 2 Giant Marconi Peppers (loved them last year), and one Candy Candy Sweet Pepper. I still have my rosemary, Italian oregano, and peppermint in pots. I need to replace my lemon thyme and grab two more lavender for the front yard. 

As someone who can not resist a houseplant that is delicate or whimsy... I bought a Maiden Hair Fern. Let's hope I can keep this going, I've given up on the nerve plants I've tried in this pot year after year. 

Elliot had strep this weekend, so we ended up having to miss a wedding and live under house arrest. except for my foray to the garden center. As you can guess, I did more quilting. The sewing machine was set up Friday night and stayed there until Sunday afternoon. 

I got much further than this over the weekend, but this is a photo I sent to a friend. All that is left is to attach two more columns and then the border. This weekend I'll probably buy my backing fabric, basting spray, and batting. Fabric should be on sale this week at Hobby Lobby. 

The goal this next weekend is really to just finish the quilt topper and iron it well. 

We really are terribly uneventful as much as possible to make up for the weeks and weekends when ministry are terribly eventful. Honestly I could be one of the critters at Brambly Hedge, so uneventful dreary weekends are probably my favorite.