Mardi Gras Mambo... in review

February 28, 2024

 Who doesn't love a good parade? This might be one of those Louisiana things, I don't remember an abundance of parades in Alabama... but we were there during The Great Lockdown of 2020. 

Last year we attended Rio in Lafayette with great disappointment. Everyone in Acadiana talks about how amazing the Houma parades are, and shockingly the three years we lived there we did not attend a single Houma parade. But the big Cajun parade secret, in my opinion, is the New Iberia parade. It's extremely family friendly, you catch more than you can carry home, and to everyone's delight this year it was rescheduled due to weather and set for Sunday afternoon (it's typically a night parade). The weather was gorgeous and the time of day was ideal! I really hope they decide to stick with a day parade in the future. 

About half way through the parade Elliot got the bright idea to put every single bead from the bag onto his short little self. 

Harrison pitched in one this mission to topple Elliot over with beads. 

More bead layering. 

My excitement over the giant Super One grocery store shopping cart is beyond what I can describe. I'd really love to ride in this thing. 😄

There were several floats this year that weren't local to us, I loved seeing the more traditional Mardi Gras costumes. I wish we would have had a map or had the floats labeled better, you couldn't always tell where they were from. 

That wraps up the extent of our Mardi Gras fun this year. 

We intentionally didn't attend any other parades, there is just no need to enough beads to fill a house. As it was I took the beads we caught immediately to school to give to kids to throw in our school parade. Surprisingly I didn't even purchase a king cake, or make a French King Cake this year. Once my boss came to work with several king cakes from Keller's Bakery (the hands down best king cake on earth) I didn't bother getting one for home that would equate to just me and the kids eating a whole cake.