Sammys and Chunky Squirrels

March 15, 2024

Somehow we've made it to another Friday. Based on the state of the floors in the house, you could argue that we made it by the skin of our teeth. 

Children's Ministry at church as been preparing for their Easter program. Harrison has been willing to get on stage and even has lines. I'm hoping he can muster up the courage to be on stage for the performance, it tends to get stage fright when he sees all the people. He made it on stage during Christmas for school but looked like he was on the verge of an emotion break down the entire time. Poor baby was so upset when it was finally over. 

I can't blame him though, I HATE being on stage or in front of people. 

After a field trip to We Rock the Spectrum and then gymnastics, Elliot asked for a second dinner. But considering I've never convinced him to eat a sandwich... but he's recently taken to deli meat, he wanted two pieces of turkey between bread. 

His friend Lilah had inspired this, and he told me she would be so proud of him for eating it. 

In all his silliness this week, when I picked him up from school on Tuesday he was mad that it wasn't his birthday and then started in on what he wanted for his birthday. 

He wants to be a doctor. So I asked if he wanted a doctor costume, nope not a costume. What it really seems he wants in a medical license and the ability to practice medicine at 6. Knowing him this is probably a way to control the medicine and vaccines he gets. 

The boys have also enjoyed watching the chunky squirrel that tends to stay in our yard eating acorns. I've even witnessed him laid across the fence. This week though I snagged a photo of him eating nuts, covered in acorn shell, and his belly hanging over his little knees. Harrison has named him Chubby Squirrel. 

Now for those field trip photos. 

Thank goodness for mom friends who take photos when you aren't at a field trip. I'll have to make sure and take off for the next one, Elliot gave me an ear full that neither of us came with him. 

As it stands this weekend's plans are more sewing and hopefully making the quilt sandwich, Sam's club, searching for 3 more distylium shrubs, and a neighborhood prayer walk to hand out flyers about the Palm Sunday picnic at City Park.