Happy Birthday Harry @ Sloomoo Institute

March 5, 2024

 I've really come to prefer (as mom) an experience gift over just a party. Parties can be such a hit or miss, and if it's a miss then you get to deal with a child you is disappointed because no one came. 

I feel like half of us definitely have awful birthday times. Not only is Feb. a hit or miss weather month, Harrison and I also have Mardi Gras birthday's. This means parties can unhappily fall when everyone we know is on their winter vacation. 

So this year, when I saw a friend post that she took her kids to Sloonoo in Houston, I immediately showed Harrison and scrapped our birthday party plans. Sloomoo is pricy, but when traded in favor of a big party at a party place... it costs the same. My slime/playdoh loving children also got to play in every type of slime imaginable, get slimed like old school Nickelodeon, and make their own. 

My favorite was probably the slime you could walk in, I wish it wasn't timed, we could have played here longer. 

This is about to be photo heavy and words light. 

We did do the upgraded ticket for the kids to slime them. Especially since it was for a birthday, it was worth the excitement. I was nervous Elliot would back out and one of us would have to do it. 

They definitely wrapped the kids up good to avoid being covered in this mess! 

If you've seen the Van Gogh experience, how about we one up you with a slime sensory room with slime graphics and kinetic sand! 😂

Elliot was pretty mesmerized with this room! 

The kids did not complain here... this is all allergy ridden me. I LOVED the vats of slime and all the textures, but by the time we left it took two days of meds to recover from the headache I developed from the artificial scents. 

Harry later told me he was also "allergic" to the scents, because he only liked their Sunshine smell. I've tried telling this child that dislikes are not an allergy, but he continue to insist. 

You can see he has his fingers in his ears quite a bit. We could have benefited from either scheduling during the sensory times they have in the morning or bringing our headphones. He did well, but on occasion it was a bit overstimulating for him. 

Family photo!! The rare family photo for us!

We had so much fun and if you are wanting to do a special experience gift for you kids, this was a great one. The kids loved that we stayed in a hotel too. Although Harrison would be more than happy to never enter to Houston Galleria every again (too large) even with getting to go to the Lego store.