JANUARY || Things I Bought & Liked

February 5, 2021

*Post contains Amazon Affiliate links.  

It's been a minutes since I wrote one of these posts. 

But here we go, some of my faves from the past month. 

1. SPORTS RESEARCH COLLAGEN PEPTIDES || It's been a second since I used collagen. I ended up on a brand last year that I wasn't the biggest of fans of in the end, it had too much taste in coffee. But I decided (after major skin issues on the old face) that it was time to get back to it. I can 100% say this has zero taste in your coffee and tea and I've seen such an improvement in my face. So much so that Jeremy even commented the other night that my skin looks really clear. 

2. LIBEREX FACIAL CLEANSING BRUSH || Count this as #2 is what is changing my skin. I hyped up the Retin-A (and am still bitter than I can't get this doctor to give me a topics antibiotic so here we are trying other things), am taking collagen daily, and use this brush every morning. It comes with 3 heads and I tend to use the soft daily and the rougher brush once a week for a deep exfoliation. This is my reasonably priced dupe for the higher end facial brushes that I could never bring myself to spend the cash on. 

3. DRMTLGY ACNE SPOT TREATMENT || This is #3 in the acne solutions to clear skin that has been going down! Since I again, can't get my hands on a topical antibiotic that I know works great for me, I've resorted to this. Here's a tip, only apply it where you need it. Don't all over face it if you don't have to, it's strong. To not interact too badly with the Retin-A I use this in the morning on my chin, nose, and forehead (my problem areas). Just a dab too! If I have breakouts I will slap some on that area as well. 

4. EverTrim FITNESS RESISTANCE BANDS || My favorite plastic-ish bands molded in the rental (y'all it was a situation) so I needed a replacement when I got back on my health game in January. I've been seeing a lot of people using this style of fabric bands and I have not been disappointed. Not only are they tougher to stretch, I've been super sore! 

5. MONIN COFFEE SYRUPS (SF VANILLA/CINNAMON BUN) || After ages upon ages of not being able to find the syrup I want consistently here (why on earth does BHAM have stocking issues ole po-dunk New Iberia never had) I broke down and ordered the same syrup a local coffee shop uses. It was worth it. Now I just need to get the birthday fairy to drop me a Nespresso and all will be right in the world. The cinnamon bun is their version of the Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce. The SF Vanilla... well that is just what I usually order. 

6. COOP HOME GOODS PILLOW || This is the holy grail of pillows! We've had My Pillow for ages and they started going flat, like waking up on your death bed flat. I've been hearing a podcast I like talk about this pillow, so I bit the bullet and got two king size. It is heaven. HEAVEN! They send an extra bag of fill and you can increase the amount you have or remove some. It'll take your pillow game to the next level!