Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box || February Mood Detox

February 13, 2021

 Simply Earth changed this packaging recently and I love it so much that I had to photograph the entire unboxing. 

You just have to see how great the new design is. 

Where in the past we were getting a box for the Big Box items separately from the monthly box, they are now combined. Everything nestles together. 

How much do you love that the roller bottles and blend bottles are hidden right until the monthly recipe box! 

You still get the same amazing carrier oils, almond, coconut, and a solid coconut. 

Now for this month's box! 

I feel like some weird broken record, but every single month the new blends just make me so happy! They're always exactly what I need that month. After a cold wet winter, bright and cheery is the house scent mood boosting I wanted and needed! 

Ours sense of smell is directly connected to our brain and can help support our emotion. This recipe box will do just that, help support a positive mood with scent. And from diffusing them in my own house, they are so uplifting. 

This month's oils are: 

Basil  - single oil, light and earthy - calms, soothes
Happy Joy (blend) - light, happy, smells like spring - uplifts
Lava (blend) - a little deeper of a smell than Happy Joy, but just as bright and spring scented - uplifts, energizes
Geranium - single oil, a light floral, not overpowering  - uplifts, skin care 

All the beautifully colored cards and stickers! 

The additional items (to the oils) this month were sea clay and a pretty roller bottle and spray perfume bottle.

These items go along with a mud mask recipe, a body spray, and two roller bottle recipes.  

I've never used sea clay, so I'm excited to break it out and have a special Valentine's Day mask. And the pretty bottles...

I had to do an up close pic of both of these. Isn't this the prettiest bottle?!

Here's a sneak peak for next month: You'll get a Beauty Within Blend, Tea Tree, Amyris, & Palmraosa! 

As always head over to Simply Earth to order your February box and use the code LABRIDEFREE to get a $40 giftcard/credit towards your next order when you get your Bonus Box!