The Virus, and Other Reasons to Burn Your House Down

January 31, 2018

When I said I had taken off work Friday because Harrison had the virus... I'm still off work. I'm not even entirely sure what day it is anymore. 

The other kids at the sitter either had this for a hot minute, got the throw up side and later developed the diarrhea situation... but Harrison. Oh Harrison. He had to out do them all. He has had both for 6 days. Is it 6? 

I can't even count anymore. 

He started this mess Friday and it's now Wednesday. I'm assuming it's Wednesday at least. 

Aside from my classroom kombucha habit to ward off sick children, we've been partaking in Welch's Grape Juice in an effort to not get sick. 

It supposedly works. 

We aren't sick. 

The upside is I get to drink juice, which I never do, and it just hits the spot way more than my quarterly juice hit I get as a Baptist at church. Kidding, but really that tiny Lord's Supper cup makes me want more juice. 

Below you will find the scene from the past two days. If I did a Friday Five it would just be this picture. It's all we've done. Celestial Seasonings Blueberry Tea might surpass my undying love for the Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride.

I shared these on Instagram the other day, I definitely suggest you pick some up if you see Alter Eco or Little Secrets candy around. They were both really good. I'm not even a mint chocolate person and ate one just to taste it and grabbed another. The center just melts in your mouth. And Little Secrets... they are basically M&Ms but with better ingredients... and the sea salt does wonders. Wonders! 

I figured I'd cap this post off with a photo my cousin shared the other day. My mother had the photo albums so when my cousin Jason gets to posting I tend to get excited.

This month marks one year since my Aunt Betty lost her fight to breast cancer, she's the one of the right. The left is her mother, my Granny Aida. Oh how I miss her and wish Jeremy and Harrison could have met Granny. She was so spunky, both of them are.

Actually I think it was a Cater trait.

Looking at this, Dad looks so much like his mother.

While it's hard to miss seeing family members and having to reminisce about how they were, lucky for us these two women are not people you have to mourn in the sense of death. There's no doubt in my mind that they are both in heaven.

Heck, reading my book for the Personal Bible Study class I'm taking this semester reminded me of Granny even. My mother will appreciate this more than anyone, but one of his suggestions was to get a bible with large print. All I could see in my mind with large print was that massive bible Granny carried everywhere with it's insanely large print. It's still the largest print bible I think I've ever seen.

Oh those ladies. I hope that when I die people say the same things about me. They were both spitfire women with great personalities, but more over they were women of God.

Also, I think if Jeremy met Granny it would explain a lot about me and he'd get off my case. I'm a much more mellow version of her, the spunk has mellowed out a bit over the two generations. Not a lot. But she was something else.