Friday Four...

January 12, 2018

Considering it's been a social media free week, per a big church study kicking off/fast... I haven't taken any photos. 

Whomp Whomp. 

Basically if I can't post them I find I don't take them. But alas, I've still been alive and this is what's been happening. 

[ O N E ]

I started reading Hands Free Mama this week since the whole fast is about reconnecting with other and disconnecting from the interwebs. I have to say, I've been putting off reading this book for a few years now and I'm really enjoying it. She made some great points about disconnecting. 

I think overall many of the ways the author had to learn to disconnect aren't issues for me personally, but learning to not check social media so often, no sticking so tightly to the to-do list and my planner, and allowing little people to get dirty are great starting points. 

[ T W O ]

I'm going to practically swear by yellow maca for the remaining years of my existence. I started taking it because the book I read over the summer about fertility suggested it for women, it's supposed to help balance your hormones and what not. This is probably TMI, but I've had a heck of a time getting back to my pre-baby self, awful acne, long periods, awful bleeding. One month in on yellow maca and my acne this month was basically nonexistent. I had one zit like I did pre-baby. My period was also WAY shorter. Talking 6 days down to 4. I also typically have awful PMS and heavy days.... nada. Half of a day was heavy and that was it and almost zero PMS symptoms. 

This stuff is gold y'all. 

[ T H R E E ]

For New Year's Harrison adopted more of an attitude and I have to say it's hilarious. I've been nipping it in the bud as far as how he treats and talks about adults go, but his opinion of Ellie is too much. The other night we were eating pizza, it was pizza on the couch watching a movie night, and I told him to put his food on his little table so Ellie wouldn't mess with him. 

He turned to me, almost with a neck jerk situation, and said "Uh uh!" He then looks dead at the dog and says "Den Woof  stop!" 

Then woof stop... woof being the new name for all dogs since he named his giant golden lab from Ikea that. 

I was almost expecting a finger snap at the dog over that statement. The "Den Woof stop" statement has been the highlight of my week by far. 

[ F O U R ]

My Smile Brilliant trays came in last night so I jumped right into whitening after dinner. I'm a gag-er so it took some concentration for a few minutes to forget they were in my mouth. 

I think y'all are going to love them and stay tuned because a giveaway will be happening when I'm finished using the kit!