2017 In Review

January 5, 2018

As per every single year, here's a recap of what we were up to in 2017. 


We had a massive (South Louisiana scale) freeze, everything in the garden died except the carrots. Turns out Christmas lights will not save you from freezing temps mixed with rain. 

Little bit and his personality always crack me up. This particular Wednesday night he coaxed someone to give him a dessert and then hauled off to the nearest table. I'd like to note these are not his normal crowd of people, Harrison just doesn't meet a stranger and wanted to sit and hang out like he was just as big as everyone else. 


I started doing YOD yoga. Loved it. Sadly it only lasted until June, but let's be honest... hot yoga is not my thing. Give me outdoor yoga during the winter, that was my thing. Either way, YOD really gave me something that was "me" time this year and got me back to feeling more like myself. I've found that motherhood seems to suck that right out of you. 

Harrison and I also celebrated out birthday in Feb, who knows where those photos are though. 


We went camping for the first time to practice before going on our big camping trip over the summer. It was just one night at Chicot, and it was freezing, but we loved it. 

Not to mention that large raccoon that thought it was our equal. 

I harvested my carrots, that might not be a big deal to other people... but it was my first successful garden. After the summer temps we had I didn't think I'd ever grow anything. 


This was Easter. 

I'd like to point out that an Easter photo after church is never a good idea. 

Only naps are a good idea at this point in time. 

This kid loves spaghetti. 


This month we played outside, it gets hot here quick. 

Harry also showed just how grown 2 actually is by refusing to sit with me while we were picking up food. Again, two is a hilarious age. 



Mom, Joshua, Harrison, and I all took a big road trip to Pawhuska, OK to go to the zoo and the Pioneer Woman Mercantile. The food was amazing and it was a blast. I kind of want to go back. 

The only downside... it is so stinking windy there.


We went camping in Arkansas with our good friends Stephanie and Luke. This is basically the only photo from the entire camping trip. I'd be lying if I said we did more than eat, swim, and hang out. 

Word of advice, don't ever on your life go to the gardens thing in Hot Springs with strollers in the dead of summer. We were all sure death was in our future. Harrison insisted he wear this turtle towel poncho and I was certain he would die first. 

My lifetime dream of seeing Paul McCartney came true, Mom and I saw him in Shreveport. Truly the best concert I've ever been too, and yes I'm biased. 


I think we've lived in some part of South Louisiana for the better part of our entire marriage and have never seen the actual Louisiana part of the gulf. We fixed that. 

It was nasty. 

Like dead shark and black nasty water, nasty. 

We weren't missing anything. 

There was also a hurricane that knocked us out of school for a hot minute. 
Harrison took advantage of the puddles once the storm stopped. 


It was hot as crap. 

We went to the Plate Lunch Festival and melted.

Jeremy and I also went to a LSU game with some friends, luckily it wasn't so blasted hot that day. 


The annual pumpkin patch photos were taken. 

Someone was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty for Halloween. 

This mama was also asked to be a contributor for Lafayette Moms Blog!


I dyed my hair for the first time in my entire 31 years of life. 

Sun-In doesn't count as dye. That was just a bad decision in the 90's. 

Jeremy was awarded School Psychologist of the Year for Louisiana. 

And then I hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our house. 
I was pretty positive that bird would never defrost. 


Harrison saw the sugar cookie mix in the cabinet one day and wanted to make them, I've never met a child that could care less about cookies like this one. He'll lick the icing off or pick out the chocolate... but he won't eat the cookies. 

He's a straight ice cream for life kinda guy. 

For the first time in 8 years we got to see a good snow in Louisiana. Oddly enough it was down here and not the last place we saw it. Harrison loved it, but hated the cold. 

That't what happens when you don't own appropriate clothing. 

We also had ourselves a nice little low key Christmas, which I didn't take any photos of. I'm not always waving around a camera. At the moment we are still on Christmas break and loving the down time.

Lafayette Moms Blog contributor Christmas dinner was a blast, I've got goodies I won't get through for ages. 

Now on to 2018 and whatever this year may bring.