Food Network Star S13 Ep 11 Recap - The Finale

August 14, 2017

I wish I could say I was surprised last night.

The only thing that surprised me was the lame finale that Food Network put together.

Short recap: Jason won. 

Long recap: They all sat around. Not competing. We watched their pilot. 

Bobby told Giada she had a mustache. 

Then we watched another pilot. 

Cory was eliminated even though he didn't yell at anyone during his pilot. 

No one explained why he was let go. 

Giada wore a dress that covered her chest this time. 

Addi is pregnant. 

Trace died his hair Sophomore year emo black. 

Matthew said nothing. 

I continued to blog in single sentence "paragraphs" for this nonsense. 

Jason had on more sequins and glitter than a drag queen on her birthday. 

Then he won. 

I'm not so sure what he won, they don't get actual shows these days. I'm just hoping Cory gets appearances on Food Network some. Bobby even said he was the best chef. 

So let us all be clear, this wasn't a best chef competition. It was a who could hold an audience that we haven't captured yet. 

That audience being rhinestone cowboys with heavy accents who say honey a lot? 

What did y'all think?