A Weekly Recap Turned Food Post

August 26, 2017

Please tell them there is someone out there who suffers from the same thing I do. That suffering thing being food. I started this post with the intent to share the week and quickly realized this is a food post. Food I've purchased, all food I've eaten, food I've already posted about on Meal Pinning Monday. 

My drive in life is quite clear. 


In the name of food, I finally got my hands on the French Style Oui Yogurt. It's heavenly. I love the texture. 

They could have also of repackaged the regular stuff and placed it in a glass jar and I can't tell the difference because I'm blinded by the jar. 

My husbands response, "Did that cost 3 times as much because of the jar?" My response, "No. It was very reasonable." 

Truth... Um kinda? But it tastes amazing and I feel European, so leave me alone. 

Snowballs, because I haven't taken a ton of non-food-related-photos recently and everyone needs a splurge day. This was stuffed with ice cream. I later had fried chicken and enough banana pudding to make Jenny Craig cry later at the church potluck. 

Again, food. 

I have a cheese issue. Keto supports that lifestyle. All in the name of low carb right? I'd eat that potato, but cheese. I also prefer varieties of English Cheddar. My adventure lies solely in my unrealistic dream to live on a farm in the Cotswolds. Dang you Ruth Goodman and all those "insert British period here" farm series. I can't realistically live my life wanting to live without electricity and make cheese and have a sheep or two. 

Don't be surprised... food. 

Run to the Meal Pinning Monday post from, well, Monday and get yo' self that recipe for Keto biscuits. It's just Fat Head dough, but it's good. 

Not to be confused by thinking I had thoughts that centered around something else, I bring you Wednesday's recipe to remind you that Avocado is amazing and can be breakfast. It's also high in folate and would make your OBGYN a happy lady.