August 11, 2017

Happy New Year... oh wait it's just the teacher new year.

It's like Chinese New Year but for educators this month.

So first up...


Im back on another episode at The Mommy Project, talking my usual nonsense mixed into the actual topic. You might hear a touch of me jabbering about how I read somewhere that high fat diets & being over 30 produces twins and how I'm making attempts at getting a 3rd kid through butter.

I'm weird. I know.

Check out Episode 54 over at The Mommy Project and see what else I managed to talk nonsense about sprinkled into the actual topic of Back to School... because I never stay on topic.


 Some silly person likes to copy me. He also likes to pretend to tell me what to do. I say pretend because we all know I'm not doing anything he says... mainly because it isn't in English. 


I laughed at this like a crazy woman through an entire lunch period. Then I randomly laughed at it in my head the rest of the day. 


Jeremy hunted down a frog yesterday so that Harrison could see it. He wouldn't actually touch it. 


To show you the extent to which I have not taken pictures lately, Jeremy came into the house yesterday with this on his back. 

Ladybugs doing inappropriate things. 

That's how dull life has been. 

Let's just call that a plus. Dull is always welcome. 

It's not like you want photos of me working out, or of the garden I pulled everything living thing out of because I hate summer. 

I did order some new jeans and the Teddie Rosehip oil though, I'll share about that when in ships in 4-400 weeks.