I Heart Pinterest Wednesday

June 24, 2015

Pinterest seems to take up a lot of my middle of the night nursing time. 

Here's what I've been obsessive over this week, the link to pin in below the image. 
(I desperately hate the widget thing Pinterest created and really miss the old way!)

I really love this mudroom idea. It would work great in a house like ours that possesses no actual mudroom and would keep me from putting my purse on chairs. 

Plus you can get these crates for $10 at Michael's, I've actually seen them.

We're redoing the kitchen table sometime soon, the light stain just isn't my cup of tea anymore. What I'm really struggling with is whether or not to strip the bottom of the table and stain the whole thing a dark walnut or just chalk paint the bottom. 

I've heard chalk pain is pricey, so this tutorial could come in handy. 

If we end up keeping the painted bottom this is the direction I would like to go. It's Annie Sloan Country Grey over their White with a dark wax over it. 

It pains me to spell out words all day every day, especially the same words for the same children. Since our district has basically nixed Spelling as a class I'm thinking this would be a great idea for their ELA journals. 

One of my favorite bloggers (Lambert's Lately) shared her cleaning schedule and I started following it this week! I definitely needed a better way to clean instead of just cleaning like a mad woman all day Saturday. 

I really want some wood slices for who knows what, but now I know how to seal them at least. 

When I ordered the canvas of Harrison's newborn picture I accidentally ordered a bit small. So now I'm trying to think of something else to go on the wall with it, since it just looks so small. I'm thinking about getting some acrylic paint and making one of these for that space.