3 Months

June 2, 2015

Harrison is officially 3 months old!

Granted I know these posts are more for my own personal documentation of what's happening, so hang in there:)

Right now he really likes to smile and coo. The child loves to have a conversation while he's nursing. Harrison also seems to be very aware of the fact that smiling and cooing with get you all the attention in the world!

He is starting to bust out of the 0-3 month clothing so we are wearing either 3 or 3-6 month outfits. 

Bubble blowing has become a thing with the new ability to drool out gallons of drool in a day, whatever floats his boat. 

He's decided he can't really stand to lay down often. I can get him to lay on the activity mat some, but he seems to prefer sitting in his high chair and playing with toys there. 

Harrison also loves to people watch, and in the evening when he has just had enough of everything he likes to sit in Jeremy's lap and watch me cook. 

I'm thinking that Walmart is going to become an activity for us so he can wear his little tail out people watching. 

His hair is falling out a little bit. Granted there is new growth showing up, but still the thinning of the hair... huge sad face. 

This yawning picture made me think of two things - for one when he sneezes he sighs afterwards like it's a super annoying thing to do. And 2 - he has long outgrown the Rock n Play and is in the Pack n Play in our room at night and in his crib during the day for naps. 

He is still waking a few times (which is totally normal for a breastfed baby so I'm not stressing) and I can't do the walking upstairs to feed and soothe just yet. Right now, like clock work (watch him change since I'm saying something, he tends to wake up around midnight and need his paci pack in - then sometime between 2-3 to eat - around 5 because of gas - and then to eat again at 6. 

I'm just happy we've gotten down to one night feed this past month. Multiple ones were killing this normally a 8 hour sleeper person. 

He's also become a hand chewer. I can't say thumb sucker because he keep that little thumb tucked into his hand and won't stick it out.

Therefore, he just drools all over his hand.

Now let's see what next month brings. 

Hopefully more sleep!