Old San Juan

June 11, 2015

Timehop alerted me today to the fact that it's been a year since we flew into Puerto Rico. So obviously it's high time I finish uploading the pics onto the blog. 

If Italy was any indication we should all be well aware that I take forever to get travel posts up. 

After touring Castillo San Cristobal we decided to wander around Old San Juan and search for lunch. 

I wish I could remember where we ate, but we got the recommendation from the police officer in front of San Cristobal.

I highly suggest somewhere local (no chains on this trip), and I highly suggest getting Mofongo while in San Juan.

We ate our Mofongo while watching the World Cup amongst a bunch of locals. However, if you recall any of my earlier posts... Spanish speaking places don't eat as early as we do. By the time we were finishing lunch the locals had starting pouring in to eat.

If ever you see an ice cream cart, or one of the snow cone type carts like we visited in Ponce, jump on it. Puerto Rican street carts and roadside vendors were beyond delicious every single time we stopped.

I'm a sucker for detail.

I just love the iron gates and Mosaic tiles all over the island. Much prettier than Louisiana. New Orleans is the only place you see such things here.

Small streets and big trucks don't mix. 

Also, I'm still trying to figure out why we never went to Zombie Espresso. 

Now for the final thing I loved, there were still telephone booths in San Juan! 

There's also a free trolley that drives around Old San Juan. The wait for it is terrible, the locals even said that the drivers tend to do what they want and don't stay on schedule. 

That being said, if you're in a large group - even our group of 7 - it's hard to get enough seats that you can all ride. One or two people wouldn't have a problem, but we weren't going to separate the group. 

Driving isn't all that bad, just prepare to park in the public parking and walk around.