Five on Friday

June 12, 2015

I'm super pumped that it's Friday, not that it actually matters because every Summer day is technically Friday for the next few weeks while Jer and I are both off work. 

What I'm excited about is that I've got a hair cut scheduled today... all the way in Lafayette... and I'm going without the baby. Other than work I've been without said child twice. 

I need to bite the bullet and actually have someone watch him one evening so we can go on a date, but that isn't easy for me to do. If my mother was here it would be easier, then there wouldn't be any guilt in asking someone to watch him for two hours. However, something in me just doesn't easily ask for help of any kind and I've worn the child to every date we've had. Even though he is far too alert for such things now. 

For example, we went on a coffee date with Harrison last Saturday at a time where he should have slept. He did no such thing. In fact to make it more interesting he had a complete explosion of a diaper than led to both of us stripping him naked in a parking lot and cleaning every known surface in wet wipe, all while he screamed his head off because Jeremy was basically dangling him in the air while I tried to wipe the poop off of the limbs that were kicking me and getting poop on more things. 

Definitely wasn't my top 10 dates. 

Especially since the coffee shop was far too hipster for me. I just want decaf coffee in my life and they wanted me to order something picked by orphans in the moonlight of Kenya at a steady temperate of 98.4. 

It was just too much. 

And it didn't taste good. 

So umm, how's Whole 30 going? 

I had a little cheat this week, which wouldn't be a cheat if I were still in the 30 day range. I'm more of a 80/20 kinda gal myself and need a snow cone to survive Louisiana summers once a week. I had brownies though. Hot, gooey, delicious brownies. To be very clear I don't regret a single thing, I needed it. 

I really don't think it derailed anything at all. I'm going to finish it out and then blog about the changes... which there have been quite a few. 

I hate to say it, but those Banana Bread Lara Bar I made... total flop. 

The texture of the dried banana wasn't great and it needed vanilla. 

We played in the kiddie pool this week, only to be majorly disappointed to find out that little babies can't wear sunblock. 

I envisioned a summer of playing in the water and potentially getting myself a little color, nope. 

Not gonna happen. 

We will just be playing in the water late in the evening when the UV risk is very low. 

At the end of April Harrison had started to roll from stomach to back, well after I went back to work and he wasn't doing quite as much tummy time that quit happening. 

Finally this week I got him to do it again! 

You might also notice the bedding set in the pic, that's right, after 6 year of marriage we finally bought a complete bedding set. 

I had every intention of having a Shabby Chic set from Target when we were first married, but wanted a quilt instead of a comforter and could never land king size shams. It was a source of major disappointment that I convinced Jeremy to resolve after pointing out just how worn out our quilt was. 

I have to say, it's kind of nice to have a real bedding set. It makes the room look a little more intentionally decorated... especially since I haven't hung anything on the walls in there. 

 Timehop reminded me that it's been a year since we flew into Puerto Rico.

I'm dying to go on a trip this year but can't imagine doing anything with such a small baby. Plus with my tiny check after maternity leave and the lovely hospital bills you get for having a child, this just isn't the year.

So I'm looking at other things I can do, like hiking near my hometown, that will give us some adventure without the adventure price tag.

Let's just go ahead and claim this as the Summer of Staycation around here.