I Heart Pinterest Wednesday

May 27, 2015

When we moved into our house my main love was the big kitchen. It has a great spacious layout. 

However, it wasn't the original kitchen. This leaves us with an odd nook between the living room and kitchen. Many people have suggested putting the our farm house table there but there are two biggies in the way of that. 

1. There is plenty of room in the kitchen for the table. Plus the kitchen is tile (easy kid food mess clean up) and the living room/nook is wood flooring (not so kid food friendly). 

2. There are 3 rooms in the house, our room, baby room, guest room. That nook is the perfect space for an office area that we both really need without having a desk in a weird spot. 

Recently Jeremy menioned finding a desk, we've been putting it off. Heck we've put everything except the nursery off since we moved in. So I started searching Pinterest, of course, to find office spaces that were styled with my beloved Ikea furniture. 

Here's what I have in mind. 

There are three walls in the nook, and one odd curve-ish corner. I think this would be a good idea for the smaller wall.

And this would be great for the other two walls.

I really like the Hemmes desk that matches a lot of the other furniture we bought on the last Ikea trip, but it would be too small for the space. I'm really wanting a built in look without paying for actual built-ins.

Here's another cute idea, but we'd need to add shelving to the space.

I really love this one, but I don't think we have enough space in the nook to do it justice.

Hopefully we fit the measurements for the first office I showed you and that fills the nook! One day when the house is done... a hundred years from now... I'll do a home tour.