2 Month Update

May 6, 2015

This month we finally started seeing more of his personality, which appears to be along the lines of me as a baby ha! 

::2 Months::
12 lbs 11 oz
22.5 inches long
40.8 cm head circumference

Clothing - some 0-3 month, but we are well into 3
Diapers size 1
Sleep - He is only waking up twice at night, but one week woke up 3 times every night. He sleeps great and rarely tries to stay awake after I feed him, however I have trouble sleeping when he starts his grunt and wiggle session at 4:30 when he has to poop.

He started rolling from tummy to back at 5 weeks and in the past two weeks we've seen a lot more smiles. We just may be on the verge of a giggle! 

He likes to talk and will coo your head off. The child has things to say! 
Harrison has even started furrowing his eyebrows at me and cooing in a way that sounds like grumbling, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if he was really complaining. 

I don't think the kid is going to be a fan of being tickled, I did it the other day while he was really talkative and he got really quiet and stuck out his bottom lip in the saddest way possible. 

Baby Bjorn
Activity Mat
Talking to Mama
Eating (he smiles and coos almost the whole time)
Bath time

Not a huge car seat fan

There aren't many things he just doesn't like, he has preferences that change daily. I think it's mainly just about catching what mood he is in