When Your Baby Belly Jiggles

May 20, 2015


I don't think I've had a deep one in months.

I've also seen what pregnancy and a baby has done to my beloved blog. I use to have things to talk about, what happened?

Lack of time happened after I went back to work. Get home at 4, put the baby down who apparently knows I'll be home after he gets up at 2:30 and doesn't go back down. Feed at 5. Feed the big people after the little person at 5. Bath. Pack lunch and pump for the next day. Feed at 7:30. Rock baby half to death so we can go to bed by 8.

Wake up at 5:50 (not counting night feeds) and start over.

I really could use a nap. An 8 hour nap.

Don't think this is the only place I'm neglecting. I haven't been to the gym since January when I became too uncomfortable to even workout anymore. Once I was able to go back I haven't had the time. It just takes so much planning to be able to go, even when I wasn't at work I would have had to wait on Jeremy to get home... when it was time to cook dinner none the less.

This whole lack of Emily happening in my routine, and seeing those Baby Dedication pics (this was planned before but it is certainly an encourager) has me wanting to boot camp myself back into pre-pregnancy Emily.

That doesn't just mean weight. No way Jose.

Clean eating Emily took a long hike when super sick pregnancy Emily entered the scene.

So starting Friday I am going to do the Ultimate Yogi program that I so love and then on Monday we (Jeremy is participating) are doing a Whole 30.

Which might I add I haven't done in 2 years and the foods they've added to the mix made it much easier to convince my husband to participate in the Whole 30.

My goal with all of this in to get back into shape, see also breath and walk at the same time. As well as get my mind back into how we ate before, which was mainly paleo/primal a good 85% of the time.

I think I'm going to cry more doing the yoga than the Whole 30 though. The last time I tried doing Gentle Yoga when I was 20 weeks pregnant I couldn't finish the workout... this being the one workout I previously got so relaxed doing that I could have slept through.

So here's to my summer resolution of the yoga health freak Emily coming back into the picture.

I think I just may be sending Dad home with some junk food to help push me along.

See... I told y'all I haven't had a lucid thought in months. We started off at not being able to think and ended on food and yoga.