Easy Magnetic Window Treatment

May 29, 2015

Our last apartment had this tacky paper window covers. I couldn't stand them but I was only there for a year so I wasn't wasting the time or money on it. 

Our new house has a ton of windows and once the Daylight Saving Time hit we were suddenly being blinded half to death if we were anywhere near the door windows. 

What you need::
an iron
Heat and Bond Hem Tape
Enough fabric to cover the window
round magnets

What I did::
I measured our the fabric to fit the window, just a bit short so a little light could stream through but be blocked by the tassel.

I left an inch for the hem on all sides except where I was putting the magnet, there I needed about 3 1/2 inches for the hem.

Next I ironed the hem before adding the Heat and Bond, this way I could just slip the hem tape in and iron it again. After creating the hem crease with the iron I ironed in the hem tape in small sections, I didn't want to get too big of a section and have an uneven hem.

You can see the hem in the next two pictures.

For the top hem with the magnet I ironed a hem crease again and then laid my magnets where I wanted them. I had a metal ironing board so they stuck to it and kept in place pretty well. I then worked in sections again, placing hem tape completely along the outer edge of the hem as well as pieces around the magnet to secure it in place.

I also ironed on some hem tape in the spaces between, not completely sealed, but enough to keep the fabric in place.

In case you're wondering I used 6 magnets to secure it.

To apply the tassel/trim I cut my hem tape in half, it was too wide otherwise, and worked in sections ironing the tassel to the bottom of the window blind. 

Because the tassel seemed like a nylon type material I covered the section I was ironing with some scrap fabric to keep it from burning. 

On the edges of the trim I used a little no fray seam sealant, but you could do the same very easily with more Heat and Bond Hem Tape. 

Here's the second one I made. The first is from the living room and I'm keeping this one in the kitchen. 

I really like the little pop of yellow against our blue green walls. 

Super easy, in all I bought 3 yards of fabric and will get 3 window blinds out of it. I'm going to make another for the door going into the garage but leave off the trim.