Join in :: The Ultimate Blog Party 2013

April 6, 2013

In an effort to get back to commenting more on blogs & participating more I am linking with 5 Minutes for Mom for the Ultimate Blog Party 2013! I really suggest you go link up, make friends, and find some new blogs to read. They will be having several live events over the week as well as a Twitter & Google hangout party. If you're new to blogging Linky Partys are the best way to get yourself out there.

As part of the linky they asked everyone share a little about who they are & about their blogs. So here goes::
Louisiana Bride started as a wedding blog back in 2008 while we were engaged. A few friends encouraged me to keep it up after the wedding, and I wasn't one to keep in the wedding theme so I transitioned to more of  lifestyle blog and then sprinkled in my favorite topic on

Our current season of life is graduate school, it seems to be a long one. Lucky for me he goes on internship this next year and then we are done with graduate school forever, or until someone decides to take on some things. I wrote about life married to someone in an annoyingly intensive specialist program here, here, here, here, oh and um here.

I'm from, born, raised, and educated in the state of Louisiana. That could be good, or bad, depending on how you look at it. My hair feels poorly on the matter. Because of those southern roots I am quite southern everything obsessed, my Nanny tried to instill in me the appropriate way to eat with a huge place setting and how to walk with a book on my head while wearing heels. Oh those southern grandmothers!

Italy 2011 - at Castel Sant Angelo with the Vatican behind us:)

We've been married almost 4 years and have no babies to show for it, although fur-babies are involved. I have one old woman of a doxie named Ellie who will be 7 this year. We had another named Maddie, but she sadly passed away, and because of that my sister surprised us with a spastic little boy dachshund named Rudy for my birthday this year.

Ellie & Maddie in 2008
Our half-crazed bone obsessed newest addition Rudy

We love to travel and I blog about that when we actually get the chance to. I would happily go with kidnappers if they said they were taking me on a trip. You can read about our most recent big adventures here. I'm also slightly obsessed with Pinterest, Twitter, and get on people's nerves when I post pictures of them on Instagram
Anything else? Hmmm I don't know. 
If you stop by from 5 Minutes for Mom be sure to leave your blog address in the comment section so I can check out your blog:)