Things That Make Me Say Yeay :: in reverse order

April 15, 2013

This week I realized our "miniature" not exactly mini dachshund hit 8lbs. He is now 2 lbs under Ellie, who is an actual mini. Rudy is proving to be quite the hot mess. Y'all what on earth are we going to do with a 20 lb weenie dog? This little boy can eat!

At Walmart yesterday I managed to get my hands on some tea that is as close to the Lipton pyramid bags I had in Italy. It is good, but not nearly as citrus-y.

I can't exactly say this made me say yeay, but it did make me laugh. When we were leaving lunch Sunday Gerard locked the doors and told Jeremy he had to dance to get in...this is what he did. Considering the window rolled up a tiny bit I am sure our chances of ever having kids decreased that moment. So 5 years from now when we are actually looking to get pregnant let it be known, Gerard's car window killed that thought!

This isn't the best picture, but it proves a point. When we left for the wedding Saturday I decided to tape a puppy pad to the floor in hopes that Rudy wouldn't destroy it. Uh, that went well. This picture doesn't exactly do it justice, but it looked like it snows puppy pad while we were gone. He had to have sat in the floor just shredding it for hours, the tape was even completely removed.

Just in case you have any tape stuck to your floor, I will gladly send this dog to get it up.

Another big event of the weekend was Jeremy's sister Amber's wedding in Biloxi. Y'all the events that transpired were hilarious! It was spring break on the coast apparently and it literally took us an hour to go 15 miles. These two scantly clad girls were walking much faster than we were driving for a solid 30 minutes. Jeremy threatened to get out of the car and piggy back ride them. My BIL Nate was freaking out, I admit it was stressful to drive in...which is why I wasn't looking around at traffic. Apparently the Mustang behind us was riding my tail big time.

While it was beautiful, the wind was a beast. My hair in these pics is post trying to control the beach wind crazies. Woof, this is the most lopsided bump ever!

On another note, this family has come a long way in the past 5 years. I don't talk too much about it, I may go into Jeremy's story one day, but there have been so many positive changes it just makes everyone so happy. When we were getting married there was concern over who was going to fuss with who and how on earth to remove people who showed their butts. Luckily it went down without too many kinks, but there was tons of behind the scenes drama. We went into this wedding expecting the same nutty-ness, and it was completely different. It was fun, everyone got along, no one had any complaints. Jeremy's parents who wouldn't even sit anywhere near each other at our wedding not only say next to each other once, his mom even fixed his dad's food. Other people would probably think that's nothing, but baby steps are big in a family who went through such an awful divorce. The fact that Jeremy is how/where he is to today just amazes me.

After we got in the car to leave Jeremy's dad actually said, "Well that went really well." Trust me, we are all always amazed when everything goes well.

On a funnier note, check out just how short I am. Or how freakishly tall Jeremy's family is for that matter. Jeremy is 6'4'', Amber is 6 foot, and his brother Nate is somewhere around 6'7''. My year old nephew is almost taller than I am. No lie, I look like I could be Amber and Jeremy's 5th grade child. Amber is wearing flats by the way, she is legit tall. Can we also talk about the slouching, Amber isn't bad about it, but the guys definitely are. Maybe it's because I need every inch I can get, but boys! Let's not slouch!

A little holding your bangs down action. I'm sure I look like a wild woman in all the pictures, I should have used Freeze It.

The boys. Poor Nate gets mom'd by me everytime we are together. Someone has to boss these boys around about what to wear though. Funny thing is, their step brother Eric was with us this weekend and he was picking about clothes too. These guys crack me up, you really have to listen to keep up, mainly because you never know what is going to come out of Eric's mouth and one has to be prepared to an off handed rebuttal at a moment's notice.

In other wedding day news, we spent a large part of the day "arguing" about who has the more white trash name. Obviously Jeremy-lyn is more WT than Emily. Let's just be honest about it. At this point Jeremy can't defend himself unless he hits up the comment section, which we all know he won't. The man just stalks and corrects my grammar:)

Dispicable Me blimp in NOLA for the Strawberry Festival. Apparently that's a thing now? It even has it's own Twitter account.

Friday the old man had Comps. He literally spent from 8am-5pm working on the questions and said he could have spent way more time on it. He is scheduled for Orals next Wednesday to defend what he wrote, we will find out soon if he gets invited back or not. I just love that he wore his Mental Floss Apathy shirt. My mother has done a good job of keeping up stocked in the more recent psychology shirts over the years. The semester I took Comparative Psychology she got me a Pavlov "That Name Rings A Bell" shirt to wear.

The weather was really nice, up until 11pm Saturday night. This is just another random pic of the weenie destroying something.

I've been working on my top knot, the hubby doesn't seem to understand it at all. Sadly I haven't managed to get one to look this good again. #humidityproblems

Jeremy got his NSU School Psychology shirt in this past week, I so love it! He definitely doesn't speak much about his own I take up his slack. He is extremely humble, but some things I really think should be shown off. I almost want to make him a shirt when he graduates that says "I overcame a horrible home school experience and got a specialist degree!" If you ask him what degree he is getting he will just say Master's. Kinda irks me, if I am within ear shot I pipe up and correct it. Out of my friends in high school I was always picked at and told I wouldn't make it to, or out of college for that matter. It was all in good fun, but they believed I really couldn't. It wasn't that I wasn't smart, I was just super lazy about HS. Trust me, I flaunted that Master's when I got it, and I still make it known that's what I'm working with. Cocky? Maybe. But I'll let people convince me I can't ever again. I want to go back for a specialist at some point, and I would like Jeremy to get his PhD at some point.

So that's my big headed paragraph about how smart my husband is. I'll stop now:)

What was your favorite part of the past week?