Ultimate Yogi Phase 1 Review

April 13, 2013

Oh the Ultimate Yogi! Granted I haven't blogged about it in a few weeks I have still been sticking to the workout plan. Here lately it's bee a bit hard due to events not taking place at home ha! I have had to do make up days, which today I definitely need to do. I ended up a day behind somehow and can't even remember how. Considering the week I may just how to double up twice next week to add it what I missed this week. I wouldn't be so worried about it by my plan is to finish this before we take the kids to youth camp and then start UY over again when we get home. 

So phase 1 is done, I've done the 3 day vegan lifestyle, and at the end of phase 2 (which I'm on now) I do a 3 day raw diet. Whoo hoo! I've got about 30 days to figure out what on earth I am going to eat on a raw diet to not lose my mind. 

Favorite workout - Gentle yoga just got introduced this week and I'm in relaxed yoga heaven! I still love vitality though, and I'd rather die than do detox. Not so much because it's hard, I just don't like all the twisting poses. 

Sleep - Good considering it was LEAP week and Jeremy had comps. I did managed to dream that his alarm went off and woke up convinced it did. 

Diet - Last week was the vegan lifestyle for 3 days. Easy peasy. I'm not a huge meat person, but I did have to go sans Whole 30 to do it. I just can't do no beans or whole wheat anything or grains and do vegan. I made taco soup for dinner and just left the meat separate for Jeremy, I could really care less if taco soup has meat or not. 

This week I did okay, aside from a dark chocolate bar, until Friday. LEAP testing just got to me and I caved and ate 3 donuts. Last night we had a good ole fashion Jeremy & Emily pizza date on the couch since the week was so nuts. Today is my sister-in-laws wedding and aside from some cake I plan to eat well. Then Monday it's back to a modified Whole 30...home girl just can't live in a world that excludes beans and legumes. 

Weight - All this stress and the high amount of coffee this week did a number on me. I am retaining my water, Jeremy's water, and the dog's water. My digestive system seems to take a big hit when I'm under stress and I don't metabolize food right. Ugh cortisol! Next week should be better since we are on the down slope of the first round of stress. 

Yoga - I need to make sure and do the HardCore yoga sessions. I tend to skip them due to time. When I redo the program over the summer I will have more time to devote to getting it done just so. My downward dog is insanely better than it was a few months ago though. 

Mood - High stakes state testing that determines my salary was this week...need we say more. This is why we got pizza and I went dairy nuts y'all! 

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