The Ultimate Yogi // Days 1 & 2

February 28, 2013

Total Mind and Body Transformation

So far, I'm in love with this program. With P90X yoga I was on my wrists too much, they way Travis Elliot guides the sessions I have had no wrist pain at all. Even with the sessions running over an hour. I thought I had an idea of what the program would be like, and luckily I was happily surprised when I pulled out the insert, began reading, and found out just how doable this is. 

Here is the run down so far:

Yoga Sessions:
So far I've done Cross Train & Cardio, Travis made a comment I really liked in the first part of Cross Train the first day: Yoga isn't about doing the extreme, you figure out what is too much for your body and what is too little, and you do the moderate. You still push yourself though. (granted that isn't an exact quote) If you have any foundations in yoga, beginner or intermediate you can do this program. That is what I love about yoga to begin with, you can constantly modify to make it easier or harder at any point in a session. My only problem is time, I feel like I am rushing to get everything done before bedtime during the week. There are going to be a few days a week where I have to workout before work. Hello 5am!

The Diet:
Looking at the website I was convinced UY pushed for a vegan diet, which just isn't doable for me. For a lactose intolerant girl, I have a bit of a cheese and greek yogurt love! Lucky for me, the diet he suggests is just eating clean and removing processed foods and limiting unnatural sugars, while eating as many veggies as possible and consuming lean meats. I already eat that way 90% of the that was easy. He also suggeted 3 cleanses throughout the program, all lasting 3 days: vegan, raw, and a juice feast. Nothing is ridiculous and portion controlled like P90X is, I was nearly driven crazy when Jeremy did P90X with all of its diet restrictions. 

Just my little rant of a side note: people misuse the word diet. Your diet is what you eat, not some dumb fad like Atkins. My diet on a daily basis is whole grains, lean meats, veggies, fruits, and as little processed food as I can get away with. I've eaten this way since high school when I read ABs Diet, which isn't exactly a diet. It mainly just taught nutrition, how to eat, what to eat, and what to eat. It gave good reasons for why you should and should not eat certain things regularly, but that nothing is off limits. If I want fried chicken, I'll eat fried chicken. I just won't eat it every day, or every week. I highly suggest you read it if you aren't that confident with nutrition. It is a good step towards eating clean, granted it isn't a "eating clean" book, it does however explain why you should eat whole grains and what not. I guess that is why it irks me when people act like I diet, I don't, I've not only eaten this way for 10 years...I also don't have body image issues. Yes, I have said I could stand to lose a few, but heck I am from a family of high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and cancer. If I don't actively monitor my weight I will end up like many of my close relatives and have to fight diabetes. People! There is no reason to acquire a preventable problem. 

Okay, end rant. 

So far I'm surviving. If I lose weight/inches/or show a ton of muscle definition I'll update on that too. So far starting weight is what I weighed the begining of the year...but while holding a 15 week old crazy puppy lol1