I might have lost my mind...

February 22, 2013

Over the past few years tons of people I know have sworn by Insanity and P90X. Let's face it, shortly after getting married Jeremy bought P90X and within a month he was showing major results. I started doing the yoga DVD and sectioned it in 3 - 30 minute segments. I just never had the time to do the full hour and a half. Plus changing it up like that made it interesting enough that doing the same workout days on end didn't become too mundane. Doing just that little bit of yoga gave me big results all those years ago. I started back up again this January, with a little break at the beginning of February, but now I am back up and running. the only problem I have is that P90X has you on your wrists so much that within a month I feel like I have carpel tunnel. 

When we first moved to south Louisiana I joined a gym, seeing as how I was no longer a student at a major university I had no choice but to join one. It had been years, but I love the health club feel. I really enjoy lifting weights, I could leg press until my thighs fell off. While I was working out there they had a yoga class that I had the chance to take, being that it was my first in person yoga class it made me love yoga even more, it was just so insanely relaxing. Then my car was totalled and the extra money going to my yoga/workout habit had to buy me a new car. 

So then we were back to P90X again. 

Since then I have been back and forth with working out, I need variety. Last year I attempted couch to 5K and ran a 5K while Jeremy did a half marathon. That didn't last though, I'd rather pull my own skin off than run. 

All of that leads me to...The Ultimate Yogi. 

It is the yoga version of P90X and Insanity, yay me. I finally got the chance to order it today, funny thing is...one of my best friends whom I'm made do yoga with me before (and who hobbled like she was dying the next day) smiled that lovely fake "I'm not participating" smile when I told her ha! I can't wait though, it should be in Tuesday. I'm going to have to do some schedule finagling to get it done daily, with the hour plus sessions daily for 108 days. Yup, 6 months of hardcore yoga. While I'm not the best yogi in town, I am sure I will be way better after 6 months of Travis Elliot. 


To keep myself dedicated I am going to try and blog it weekly. If there are big results I'll post at the end, maybe. Now here is the thing, I know some people are funny about yoga as a workout. They view it as a religious thing, but it isn't. Everything in life is what you make of it, yoga is an amazing workout that happens to be tied to a religion. I promise you that skinny blonde girl teaching the class I took last summer was anything but Buddhist. So don't think I've gone on some wacky spiritual enlightenment phase, I just want to see if I can get in crazy good shape before 30 creeps up. 

So here is what is included in the 108 days of yoga with Travis Elliot:
*Yoga Cross training
*Yoga Cardio
*Yoga Strength
*Yoga Flexibility
*Yoga Balance
*Yoga Detox
*Yoga Vitality
*Hardcore Yoga
*Yin Yoga
*Gentle Yoga
*The Mountain Pose Series
*Sun Salutations

Then there is the diet, while I can't follow it exactly because my husband would die I am going to follow as closely as I can during the day and cook really clean at night. Lucky for me Jeremy got me a juicer for my birthday, so this will be even more fun. Is it weird I get so excited about a juicer? 

As part of the program they suggest you go vegan, but like I said it just isn't doable for me. I am basically a lacto-ovo vegetarian during the day as is and I cook lean meats for Jeremy and I at night. At some point in the program, I'll find out when mine comes in, there is a raw food cleanse anda  juice feast. I've done something similar to those in the past so I don't doubt I can do it, it is just figuring out when to do it. Hopefully I can put them off to when I am out of school at Easter or during the summer. 

So why on earth should one do yoga? What are the benefits?

I am super excited to start this, although I will probably be singing a different tune on those early mornings I am forced to workout because the afternoons are a bust. I'll document though and let you know how it goes as far as weight loss (not that I have more than a pound or 5 to toss) and measurements. 

Have you ever done a strict workout or diet program? How did you feel about it?