Downton Abbey Finale...

February 18, 2013

(while I'm ready to send hate mail to PBS for this...the image links to Season 3 online)

I wasn't going to post tonight, but I just finished the finale and while I so desperately wanted to end happy PBS just couldn't grant it. Spoiler alert!

What on earth just happened?

Now I had moved past them offing Sybil like they did, but Matthew? What just happened to Matthew? There are only two options here:

1) He is alive and they are playing us.


2) These people seriously killed off Matthew! 

Mary has no clue, and for the first time in 3 years of the show the woman seems happy. No one even announced the baby's name...we have to wait a whole year to learn the child's name. 

If you haven't started the show yet, I suggest you get a prescription for Lexapro before hitting up season three. I feel like my own life is falling apart. How could it be that in one 8 episode season we lose Sybil, nearly lose to estate, watch Branson attempt to run off with his nutty brother and the baby, and lose Matthew! 

PBS, you could have left us happy and just waiting on the name and we would have happily watched next season. Seriously. There is no need to kill characters, off Edna and all the other unknown maids, but leave upstairs alone. It is tough enough watching Edith suck terribly at dating, but Matthew, don't we have untouchables. Since you took him, I insist you keep the Dowager on until she is one-hundred-and-thirty. 

I just can't bare the thought that they will ever kill off Maggie Smith. 

There were a couple interesting point...I'll talk about those to keep the fact that I feel like the world is crumbing due to Matthew. 

1. Branson & that bag Edna
I can't tell you how happy I am that Ms. Hughes stepped in on this one. It is just too soon, and plus Edna. Edna? Edna! Did someone forget to tell her that moving up the ladder in the house only works for men, lest we forget dear Ethel. She became a hooker. Nothing good can come of it. 

2. Mr. Carson & baby Sybil
First off, it is time to fire the barely visible Nanny. Not only have we barely seen Nanny, but Carson is caring for the baby while no one in this house knows where she is! Oh, but Carson was so dear and sweet with that baby. Makes me want to have a baby and get a butler. 

3. The Highlands
So Shrimpie can't deal with wild Rose so they are shipping her to Downton? Hold up, PBS killed Matthew and gave us Rose? No deal PBS, no deal. And for goodness sake, Susan be nice. Obviously your husband hates you because you're nuts. We got a slight glimpse of you as a nice person, but in your nice-ness can you please take your child off our hands and to the tropics with you? 

4. Lady Edith
Well, well...looks like daughter numero 2 is about to make some mistakes. Like always, is anyone really paying attention to her? With Matthew dead, I am sure she could grow a second head and no one in the family would notice.

5. Ms. Hughes & Ms. Patmore
They have really grown their friendship this season. It has been so fun to watch them, especially the way Patmore babied Hughes during her cancer scare. I loved how they laughed over the Rico Suave spice seller. Priceless!

6. Isobel
I love that in her boredom she befriended Clarkson. This definitely showed some more of his normal side, he always seems slightly like a jerk. However, I do wish we could have seen the dinner between her and Branson. 

7. Anna & Mr. Bates
While they were super adorable, I really need her to get pregnant. 

8. Jimmy & Thomas
For a hot minute I thought Jimmy was going to come out and we were going to have some off camera illegal love going on. But nope, they are old man friends. I'm not the biggest fan of Jimmy, he just seems like a younger Thomas. 

9. Molesley
He has cut lose twice this season and drunk twice so far in the show. He is so cute really, dancing about like a fool. If only we could see him the day after in his turmoil over what he had done. I'd love to know what cranky old O'Brien said to Susan about her mean lady's main. 

But my biggest takeaway from this season...PBS is a bunch of jerks. 

How do you feel about the finale? What do you think will happen next season. If you work for PBS please, please send me a prescreening of Season 4!