When lying to your husband is okay, and other birthday events.

February 26, 2013

I'd have to say this year's birthday was good, I was a little apprehensive about having to work on it (it usually falls on Mardi Gras break) and having kids come up to me all day talking about it. 

Just a little back story: I am not a birthday person at all. It has rained every year for 27 years on my birthday and my mom get sick every year as well. As a kid I cried ever time I heard the birthday song, to  the point that my mother still says my personal anthem is "It's My Party & I'll Cry If I Want To." I just don't like the attention. If you want to give me gifts fine, but don't mention the birthday lol

I actually got up in a pretty sad mood, as usual per birthday tradition. Even though the night before Jeremy had gone all out. If you follow on IG you may have seen the crazy, but we went to Orange Leaf and he gave me a card with money in it. I told him all I wanted was a Breville juicer so when I saw the cash I instantly said, "You didn't get the juicer did you?" Jeremy being Jeremy let that go on for quite some time...as far as letting me go to Target to get a juicer...put it on the check out counter....let the girl scan it...and then he yelled "YOU HAVE A JUICER AT HOME!" 
That is where things got funny, at least to us. The check out girl was confused. We were debating back and forth, I didn't believe him, and he was being super sketchy about it. The check out girl finally said, in a super ghetto voice & totally acceptable tone considering the size of the juicer I had placed on the counter, "How you don't know if you gots a juicer at home or not?" I tried to explain it was my birthday, but she still thought I was nuts. 

When we got home Jeremy sent Sara and I on a wild goose chase for the thing in this tiny apartment...after some time it finally surfaced under a pair of underwear in his closet. I only realized it because of the apple on the box, Jeremy is a box horder...but never have I seen the man interested enough in fruit to put that in his closet as well. 

I hopped up that morning, in a funk, but really excited to juice for the first time...and super pumped that my Ultimate Yogi workout was being delivered that day. I hopped off to work expecting the usual, being home alone on a Monday until 8, until my sister text me at 1pm. Then the "keeping secrets from Jeremy" began. Laura was surprising me with a miniature chocolate dachshund for my birthday, and I had no desire to tell Jeremy. 

It was obvious he would have 1 of 2 reaction: love or looking to return the goods. He called when I got off work and I got my lies twisted saying I was at home and the next sentence that I was in Houma. I'm a terrible liar. He didn't suspect a thing, so I drove off to meet my little sister and grab this pup. Finally, I got home and Sara came over to await Jeremy's arrival. I wanted to hide the dog, but Jeremy busted in the door and the puppy leaped for him. This, the same puppy who is acting like I am sketchy...is obsessed with Jeremy. He immediately decided he loved Jeremy and Jeremy couldn't say no. However, he did think I was lying about how I acquired the dog. 
So to end this fancy tale, I am now 27 with a juicer and a dog that has no name. I personally like Beau, Rue, or Mosley (like Downton Abby), but Jeremy doesn't agree. Then again the man has never agreed to a single name I've ever thrown out at anything.