October 5, 2011

Link up for What I Wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy!

I did mistakenly missed two days. Maybe I'll do better next week. Pics are in the opposite order of which I took them, thanks Blogger. Just so you know I cleaned my mirror today for this first pic...guess the top of the mirror needed it as bad as the bottom {hehe}. Feel free to send hate mail about dirty mirrors.
Duty Day 
Blue top- Gap
Cropped Khakis- Target
Burlap Toms
 Because I am obsessed with tucked in button ups right now.
 Purple & Blue Stripped Button down- Old navy
Leather belt- Target
Khakis- Gap
 The Updated Dick Van Dyke Show look.
Flowy top- Old Navy circa last season
black cropped khakis- Old Navy
Sandals- WalMart
 I do in fact go clubbing, Sam's clubbing. 
Watergirl Jacket circa football season 2002
khaki shorts- Old navy
Green Relay for Life shirt
Why does my hair always look good on days no one else sees it?
Churchy Church
Blue flowy linen-ish dress- Old Navy
Boots- Target
Belt- I think Old Navy