31 days

October 8, 2011

I could totally go off on a half crazed rant right now. Mainly because there are stories to share, but I will save that for later. 

Well anyway, not only do I have something to be positive about because I found some Twinings Tea at WalMart (now if I could just get my hands on some spaghetti squash). 

I also have a whole mess of affirmations I keep telling myself. For one, there is nothing wrong with being a 25 yr old woman with a Master's Degree, career, and zero children. It doesn't make me any less of  a woman, or a wife. I spend my Saturday's running, catching up on the DVR, and grading papers and there is nothing wrong with that. I honestly shouldn't let people with opposite opinions of what a girl my age should be up to. If I want to stand on my head drinking hot tea while I travel the world in a giant bouncy ball it is my prerogative. 

So there you go, who cares if crazy southerners who stick to archaic traditions of marrying super young and having a baby before you hit, heck all your babies before you hit my age think I am looney tunes. I must be a hard working level headed one then, cause this graduate wife doesn't see jack wrong with higher education and a dern job. 

Was that positive? I totally mean it in the most positive way possible haha!