31 Days of Positive

October 4, 2011

I am not going to lie, today has been pretty mundane. I did find a positive though, and it happened at work. 

This morning I was about to show the kids a video about reading strategies and informational resources and the principal walked in. She said she didn't want to interrupt and started to turn back around, but I knew what they were coming by for so I told her to stay and what we were up to anyway. Just then she said something I have never heard a principal say, "That video sounds awesome, don't y'all have the best teacher ever!And the best school!" One of my favorite little nuts did throw in some humor to that and added "It'd be better if she shared her coffee!" I nearly fell out in the floor laughing, it kind of caught her off guard. But it was funny none the less. You have just got to love this age group, they are so witty and silly. 

So that is my positive. I really do have a great school/administration/everything. Honestly, after my experience last year it was going to take a great year like this to want to teach another year. It is such an odd feeling to actually care about the people you work with. 

The little notes of affirmation and kind words our administration often leaves and says to me [and other teachers too] really give me that extra boost to do my best for the students and for my school. Just goes to show what a difference a positive encouraging environment will do for a teacher. 

If you want your teachers to love your children and love their job, you have to love your teachers. 

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