31 Days

October 10, 2011

Why yes, I recognize I am a massive blog slacker. But who can blame me for being remotely lazy on a Sunday. Right?

Yesterday was great, we had lunch with some church friends. I really enjoyed their company, now if I could just carry a camera around with me so my poor blog didn't suffer form a lack of pictures. 

Today, and tomorrow I have no work. Well, no going to work. I still have a ton a papers to grade before grade posting ends on Thursday. But hey, no work is always a positive. 

Good thing I work, otherwise I might come down with a bed sore from my apparent laziness. At least I can say we get out moneys worth out of that DVR. 

I am also working on our Home Management Binder. I have a super organized mother who always knew everything off the top of her head, and actually had more of a Home Management filling cabinet than a binder. However, in a effort to be as organized at home as I am at work I am getting all our mess organized. Hopefully. We'll see. 

Have a great Columbus day y'all!