{weekend recap}

February 7, 2011

My weekend got started early due to a "snow day" which consisted of ice. Snow Day boredom can only lead to one thing. Bad hair. Brought on by my remembrance of good hair created by hot rollers several inches of hair ago. 
Oh make that two bad things brought on by Snow Day. Bad clothing options. I was cold and wanted comfy. Hence the OOTD: head band-Dillards, Vidalia Vikings hoodie, Dad's sweat pants I stole, moccasins-Payless

Shortly after the last picture I called my Mom, she told me to bring my bored butt to Vidalia. So I did. On the way I saw frozen trees, and icicles. 
Then I got to Vidalia...
I about wet my pants when I finally got a taste of meat on Friday. Nothing says fatty fat pants like a bag of fresh cracklings. And I plan to get some next weekend too.
Hanging out with my sister only leads to one thing. Silliness. And the realization that my Dad's sweat pants can go up really high.
On Saturday we did a few things. First things first, the baby put things in things and took things out of things.
Jeremy and I laid around like we were on bed rest. 
The dogs had no problem with that.
Later, and do mean later, we got up and went on a lunch date to Pig Out Inn BBQ and then for milkshakes at the Malt Shop. Love me some purple cows! In case you don't know that is a grape milkshake, often achieved at home with vanilla ice cream and grape Fanta. 
Then Sunday Joshua though he was going to eat Cherrios off a chair in the kitchen. Little did he know Maddie had the same plans.
I left Jer and my Dad to watch the Super Bowl to come back here. Not where I want to be. But I only have two months left until Jeremy gets back here for a few weeks to help me get junk together to move...and watch me graduate from graduate school! Whoo Hoo!

Are we not the most boring people on the face of the Earth?!? What did y'all do? Hopefully something more fun than us.