Life Lately, as captured by the phone.

February 4, 2011

I'm a little behind on posting about this but...
Let's start with Pop's birthday last weekend.
In all the years of my life I have never seen my mother jack up a cake, ever. Until now. She attempted to make a caramel cake for Pop, but before she could ice the thing completely it hardened up. You could seriously knock on it. 

We ate steaks and just hung out. Which led to yet another "not going right" event. One hour and 2 propane tanks later we gave up and cooked out steaks inside. Which if you have eaten minimal meat for two weeks, don't eat a steak...I was sick.

I know I told him in person, but happy late birthday blog post Pop! 

Now for today. Ice day. Well yesterday first. Hail? Sleet? Those odd packing foam balls? Whatever they were, we got out of school at 11am for them.
 The rest of the pics are from my house this morning.
 Never seen my poor car so frozen, you can't open the doors. 
 And needless to say I am such a Southern girl I waltzed right outside to take pics barefoot with no jacket. I would have stayed that way until my feet stuck to the frozen ground. Weirdest feeling ever. 
 Our poor Magnolia tree that Jeremy hates and is very happy to move away from. I have never seen it so full of ice that it leaned like this.
Oh and don't bother nagging me about wandering around barefoot. I got pin worms when I was 5 from wandering around barefoot in the woods with a good friend in Natchez. Not fun. I just really don't care. 

What are y'all doing for ice day? Who's watching the Super Bowl?