{sad face}

February 22, 2011

     Needless to say my "What I Wore Wednesday" post may be a no go this week. As well as a few days of Project 365. 
     On my way into the house after work today I dropped my Droid. That didn't go over well either. Everything works fine, except the screen. People can call, I can  answer. I just can't see a darn thing. Not good. Because of this I have been trying to connect my phone to my computer, blindly. Without being able to see when I am clicking I am afraid I won't be able to save my pictures before the new phone comes in. 
     Perfect example of why no one should procrastinate, I thought about working on both of those posts yesterday,but completely put them off. So let's see how getting a new phone goes, the Verizon guy swore the phone would be in tomorrow. I thought about explaining to him how I live in this town alone and my only way to contact anyone in case of an emergency would be with my now broken phone. He didn't even want to do what I needed at first because for some reason Jer is the primary and that means I mean nothing to them, I had to have his social # and his phone #, I know neither. Sad right. He wanted me to call my husband, after I had just told him I didn't know his number...oh how technology has demolished my need to remember phone numbers. I would have had to call my Mom to get his number, because the only number I know is my parent's home phone number. Lord help me is they ever get rid of it! I will be entirely lost. 

Point of this being. No phone = no pictures =no posts for the next few days. {sad face}