February 3, 2011

As I have said a zillion times I am in the midst of my internship for my M.A.T program. Well today I had my 6th of 8 observations to date. This one was by far the most interesting.

To start I have an assignment due which involves me video taping myself and critiquing it. So since I had already gotten a lesson together for my supervisor I decided to teach it to my homeroom before we changed  classes and I had to actually teach it in front of her. Kill two birds with one lesson plan right?

Well my plan was constantly messed with. During the taping of Report Resources Lesson 1, or as I should have called it "Stop answering me with Google it!",  I was interrupted at least 5 times. Once I told the person I was taping and I'd send the kid to her later. She said okay and would wait in the hall. I totally forgot to mention the "no go away" part and five seconds later she stuck her head back in. I then forgot who she wanted and had to ask the kids who I nominated for Student of the Month. Great job Mrs. B!

That will be edited out.

Then came Lesson #2 or as I should call it "Just because I told that kid to come up with another way to find resources other than Google does not mean you can say Yahoo or". (have these kids never heard of the encyclopedia? Geez) There were several disruptions, but none compared to the insanity that erupted when, after dodging 5 weather related questions and one about my favorite phone provider (try to dislodge the lesson from its course much?), a person came over the intercom and announced that school would be closing due to the weather at 11am. Yeah, that same weather I had just had to dismiss 5 minutes earlier. Oh Lord help me! They went WILD!

So what did I do, I laughed it off and told the kids they could...and I quote "smile so big it made their faces hurt but we were going to finish the lesson if it was the last thing I ever did".  I restated the objective, and made the a comment that I was doing it because they probably forgot they were even at school after that announcement, and went about my merry way.

Which then led to my homeroom showing up at my door and banging it down (while giggling insanily) and insisting they needed to get their stuff. All lead by another teacher. So I opened the door and whispered loudly "I am in the middle of a ULM observation go away!" The poor lab teacher looked like she was about to die.

I honestly don't remember what happened after that. Other than constantly restating that the lesson would go on. But it was sheer insanity. Luckily I have a very nice supervisor who when I jokingly asked had she ever seen an observation have so many interruptions, and she said that it was real life an that is what she likes to see. Thank God I have a nice lady looking out for me this year. She has been so encouraging, and constantly reminds me what I forget. Love her!

So teachers, what was your most interesting observation?